Saturday, March 22, 2014

Self: Strength Card From

I took a personality test in this morning and here's the result with some explanation from the web (


Highly curious and creative, the Inventor approaches problems as exciting intellectual puzzles. Like any proper mad scientist, they enjoy working independently and perform best when given free range to explore issues.

Admit it: you spent the first half of this analysis trying to figure out the algorithm, and the second half brainstorming how you could make it better. You're eternally curious and creative in your own right. Extremely independent and with little care for social convention, you're at your happiest when you're locked up in your garage, pulling apart TVs and putting them back together to see how they work. With your mind always on the bigger picture, you could care less about trends, socializing, or whether or not your hair looks like Albert Einstein's. When you finally get that time machine working, we get first dibs on a ride, OK Doc Brown?

Social type Independent
Work type Creative
Key trait Curiosity
My Unique Inventor traits
Like the Inventor, you are someone who is a lover of ideas, and is likely to have chosen their job for the pleasure of solving intellectual puzzles - whether or not you get paid highly is mostly irrelevant! True to form, the Inventor has no strong interest in leading or following. You tend to be like the Inventor, who is ever-curious and can't pass a book without opening it - you are constantly learning. 

The Classic Inventor

Highly curious and creative, the Inventor approaches problems as exciting intellectual puzzles. Like any proper mad scientist, they enjoy working independently and perform best when given free range to explore issues.

"Sunshine & Roses" if worked with:
The Strategist
No doubt, these two were made for each other (awww!) Sharing a balance of scientific curiosity and imagination, the Strategist and Inventor are on the same wavelength in almost every way. When it comes to generating ideas and solving problems creatively, these two will be unstoppable.
The Visionary
The Inventor and Visionary share a love of innovation, creative ideas, and abstract thinking. Somewhat more enterprising and socially confident than the introverted Inventor, the Visionary is the ideal promoter of their shared ideas, while the Inventor has the patience to refine them. An excellent team!

Ideal Jobs
As an Inventor, you’re a broad minded, independent freethinker who performs best when given free range to explore issues. You enjoy taking initiative when it comes to the conceptualization and production of innovative ideas, and you’re able to keep an objective attitude towards your work. Your ideal jobs are careers that utilize your creativity and intellect, such as an engineer, designer, business analyst or scientist.


Intellectually curious and driven by strong morals, the Idealist is passionate about doing the right thing. Like the world's most flattering mirror, they always see the best in others and strive to bring it out in them.
Always looking for the best in people, you see the world through rose-colored glasses (which, by the way, are so twenty years ago!) Although you're a reluctant leader, you're a good one - you're compassionate, diplomatic, nurturing and you tend to lead by example instead of by authority. While you're usually flexible and laid-back, your claws will come out if you feel someone is violating your value system. An abstract thinker, you enjoy looking at the bigger picture and encouraging others to do the same. And hey - when you figure out the meaning of life, don't forget to let us know, OK?
Social type Motivating
Work type Collaborative
Key trait Curiosity

My unique idealist traits
True to form, the Idealist has a strong creative streak, and a love of philosophical reflection - abstract thinking all the way. You tend to be like the Idealist, who epitomizes intellectual curiosity - you live to learn, and like to thoroughly explore any topic of interest. You are someone who is - well, an idealist; you are more likely to get more satisfaction from volunteering in a soup kitchen than succeeding in a highly paid, but personally unfulfilling job. 


A free-thinking creative who dislikes conflict, the Dreamer prefers to create art, not war. Imaginative, introverted, and independent, they flourish when they're allowed to generate their own unique ideas behind the scenes.
Admit it: when you were little, you wanted to be Bob Ross when you grew up. As a free-spirited creative, you prefer to do your own thing and keep to yourself. Team brainstorming sessions likely drive you nuts - you're apt to spend the time coming up with solutions in your own mind rather than talking them out with the team. You're also very perceptive, and constantly observing your surroundings and analyzing others. A true introvert, you need time to recharge after interacting with people. You're kind of like a Tootsie Pop - it takes some time to crack your exterior, but those who do will discover a caring, warm-hearted and interesting soul.
My unique dreamer traits
You are someone who works for the love of what they do - so it's especially important that you love your job, regardless of what it pays! You are like the typical Dreamer, who is generally very democratic and subtle. Like the Dreamer, you are someone who is a flexible person, willing to change their approach to fit in with others as necessary

Social type Independent
Work type Creative
Key trait Curiosity
Ideal Jobs
As a free-thinking introvert, you flourish any position that allows you to do your own thing and generate your own ideas behind the scenes. Your independence is key here – in the words of Fleetwood Mac, you can (and should) find a position that allows you to go your own way. Oh yes, and if your name didn’t give it away – you ideal jobs will be those that allow you to utilize your amazing creative skills.
Although you’re independent, you truly enjoy bonding with your colleagues and thrive in a calm, friendly environment. You strongly dislike conflict and drama, therefore you’ll want to seek out an organization (and manager!) that promotes a friendly workplace environment and works hard to resolve issues and conflicts in work place.
As a Dreamer, you’ll flourish in an environment that provides you with plenty of opportunities to explore, learn and grow. You’ll do best in jobs that allow you to utilize your natural curiosity and creative skills, such as photographer, painter or designer. Additionally, you’ll also thrive in jobs that utilize your empathetic, sensitive nature, such as therapist, psychologist, or teacher.

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